BVN joins #ArchitectsDeclare call for Net Zero Emissions to be mandated for all new homes

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Sydney, Oct. 11, 2021 /Medianet/ --

BVN joins #ArchitectsDeclare call for Net Zero Emissions to be mandated for all new homes


  • There are 7 days left to have a say on proposed changes to the National Construction Code
  • The proposed changes include a tiny increase to the minimum standard of carbon emissions allowed for new houses: from 6* to 7*  
  • This standard would require that all new homes be designed as energy efficient, have roofs oriented for solar access, include photovoltaics and batteries, and NO gas. This will enable homes to run entirely on self-generated renewable solar power
  • These elements will add approx. 2% to the cost of building
  • This cost is more than offset by savings to energy costs, from efficiency and using solar
  • A GetUp petition is underway here

BVN – a vocal advocate for sustainable architecture and member of #ArchitectsDeclare – calls for the federal government to update the National Construction Code to mandate net zero emissions for new housing.

Australian homes contribute 13-20% of our national CO2-e emissions, They don’t need to.

The Australian architecture and building industry knows how to create net zero emission homes – cost effectively.  It simply requires energy efficient design, roofs to be oriented for solar access and photovoltaics to be installed.

(What are photovoltaics? Cells that enable solar panels to turn light into energy. Read more here)

The additional costs for a net zero home compared to a 7* home are very low, about 2%, which are easily paid by savings in energy costs in the first 5-10 years.

Under the government’s proposed updates, each average sized new home will still be allowed to cause 5 tonnes of carbon emissions every year. That would require 3000 new tree per house to offset the emissions (during its 100 year lifetime). It’s just not enough.

By adjusting this to require net zero emissions, this can be completely turned around.

The most recent report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows we can avoid climate catastrophe, but only through immediate, deep and sustained emissions reductions.  Changing this building code will do just this. If it demands that all new houses be designed and build to produce Net Zero Emissions.

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